Handicapable Square Dance Clubs


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Handicapables Square Dance Calls

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Handilab Basic Square Dance List

1. Bow (Partner, Corner)

2. Circle (Left, Right)

3. Forward Up And Back

4. Stars (Right, Left, Boys, Girls)

5. Star Promenade

6. Do-Sa-Do

7. Promenade (Couples, Single File, Vi, Full)

8. Allemande Left

9. Right and Left Grand

10. Swing

11. Allemande Right

12. Pass Thru

13. Courtesy Turn

14. Ladies Chain (Two, Four)

15. Roll Promenade

16. Right and Left Thru

17. California Twirl


Handilab Advanced List

18. Ladies Roll Away 14 Sashay

19. Ladies In, Men Sashay

20. Star Thru

21. Weave The Ring

22. U Turn Back

23. Chain Down The Line

24. Do Paso

25. Lead Right

26. Grand Square

27. Grand Square

28. Bend The Line

29. Walk Around The Corner

30. See Saw

31. Square Thru (2, 3, 4 Hands)

32. Dive Thru

33. Wheel Around

34. Allemande Thar

35. Shoot The Star

36. Slip The Clutch

37. Box The Gnat

38. Right Hand Ocean Wave

39. Alamo Style Wave

40. Pass The Ocean

41. Swing Thru

42. Boys Run

43. Wheel and Deal

44. Flutter Wheel

Handicapable Square Dance Clubs

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Square Dance Clubs Across the USA

Southern California Handicapable Association

Rod Fore, President

2041 E. Cypress St.

Covina, CA 91724



 Blue Jay Squares

Primary: Juniper Elementary School,

9400 "I" Ave.,

Hesperia; California

Secondary: Lime St. Community Center

President: Marty Powell

(760) 868-8853

Thursdays Handicapable


(Handicapable Square Dance Club( (Fremont, CA)

Contact to verify schedule and program

7:00- 8:30 p.m.

Location:  Friends of Children with Special Needs

2300 Peralta Blvd.

Fremont CA

Darlene Culligan (C)

Call for program information (510) 782-4834


Desirey Benevides, Caller

Kathy Coppin, Contact

651 Puma Canyon Ln

Glendora, CA 91740-6351

(626) 914-1389

Dance at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

1359 East Covina Blvd.

Covina, CA 91724

Tuesday's from 6:30PM to 9PM

Guys and Dolls

 Day: Monday

Level: MS thru Plus

City: Sacramento

Caller: Bill Silver

6:45 - 9:00 p.m.

Laurel Ruff Center

5325 Garfield Avenue


Show Map

Contact: Joann Mendenhall (President ) (1-916-966-4051) Email - [email protected]

Contact: Joann Mendenhall (Secretary) (1-916-966-4051) Email - [email protected]

Contact: Bill Silver, Send email [email protected] 

Class Information

Our beginner class is on Monday evenings.

We have 4 levels of handicapable square dancing. 

They are both workshops. We have 40 dancers.

We have approximately 4 squares More Information:


HiCountry Handicapables

Fred Lockard President

Sue Lockard Treasurer

Contact 909-867-7118

Jim Brown Caller

St. Richard of Chichester Episcopal Church

28708 Highway 18

Sky Forest, CA 92385

Mailing Address is P O Box 1317 Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352-1317

Church Phone 909-337-3889

Church Fax 909337-9980

Email [email protected]

Website strichardsweb.org

Class Dance every Friday from 3:30PM to 5:30PM

check calendar on this website for any changes 



Motherlode Dancers

Bill Silver, Caller

920 Matson Drive

Auburn, CA 99560

[email protected]



 Pioneer Squares of San Bruno

San Bruno, CA

Jim Wylie, Caller

[email protected]

 Shirley Korm, Contact


Day: Thursday

Level: Basic

City: San Bruno

Palos Verde School Special Needs Building

1290 Commodore Drive

San Bruno, California

7:00-9:00 PM

Sunshine Twirlers Handicapable Club of

Orange County

Buena Park, CA

Frank Lescrinier, Caller Run Club

Phone 909-229-3031

2062 Melba Court Corona, CA 92879

Email: [email protected]

Dance Wednesday Night 7PM to 9PM

Kinghts of Columbus Hall

8410 Cass Drive

Buena Park, CA

Gulf Coast Western Variety Dancers

Gulfport, Mississippi

Caller - Lloyd Alexander

Dean Oliver, Contact

3052 Quave Rd

D'lberville, MS 39540-5927

[email protected]



Hakuna Matatas


Caller - Corben Geis


Happy Squares

Lewisville, Kentucky

Caller - Charlie & Johnnie Wheatley

6402 eulah Church Road

Louisville, KY 40228

[email protected]


Happy Squares of Chillicothe, OH


Caller - Ed Landenschlager

Contact - Margaret Haarrison

10 Linwood Drive

Dhillicothe, OH 45601

[email protected]



Happy Time Squares

Contact - Marshal Aumiller & Ivey Harris

Lawrence, KS

[email protected]


Hunterdon Stars - Mercer ARC Angels

Annandale, New Jersey

Callers - Dane Bragg & Michelle Mabie

36 Brampton Lane

Gansevoort, NY 12831

[email protected]


Miami Ocean Waves

Miami, Florida

Caller - Steve Ackerman

Contact - Peggy Vaughn

21851 SW 98 Avenue

Miami, FL 33190

[email protected] 

Olympic Stars

Lewisville, Kentucky

Caller - Charlie & Johnnie Wheatley

6402 eulah Church Road

Louisville, KY 40228

[email protected]


Square Dealers

Chickasaw/Mobile, Alabama

Callers - Fred Grantham

Contact - Dean & Kitty Emery

9354 Johnson Road

Mobile, AL 36695-9004

[email protected] 


Swinging Saints Handicapable Club 

 Monroe, Louisiana

Alitia Becker ( john Becker)

7547 Westlake Rd.

Sterlington, LA

[email protected]


Yellow Rock Squares

Dayton Beach Florida

Caller/Cuer - Rick & Marilyn Yates

1605 Pleasant View Dr

DeLand, FL 32724

[email protected] or [email protected]